Friday, December 4, 2009

next ?

last post. ended by = mengantok.
this post. start = xbley tdo.

time = 4.09 a.m
siyes ! xtdo lg.
nila padah tdo ptg.
mlm jd burung hantu.

weather = hujan lebat
ptut best tdo kn ? ish !

- siapa h.i.D.a -
i believe there are some people out there ,
still know me better.
but for sure ,
im not being someone else.
im want being myself !
n from day to day ,
im always wants to be
better n better person.
- be a nice n awesome gurl !
- wanna get through new experiences everyday !
- achieves everything that i set the goal !
- n.. tells everyone who love me ,
i love them very much !
the end. t Q !
*sorry for using broken english.
*im always trying. wink`~

member nanges laa.
mengapa n kenapa.
no idea.
she's keeping the secret.
let her takes her time.
i pn nak nanges u.
i xbley tgk org nanges.
even xtaw pn knpe.
yeah. that's me oke.
but i think i know beb ,
huuu ;]
tabah ye yg !
sebab , diri ini pon dididik supaya tabah.
sebab , aku turut rasa ape yang kau rasa
in a day ,
my soul , my hope ,
gone. gone !
at that time , im alone.
but im still survive.
keep it up always.
dont give up !
it's all about feeling right ?
we are superhuman. superGURL !
-we are lovable person-

Those who wish to sing, always find a song.

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