Thursday, May 28, 2009

three things~

Three things that I love;
1. my life
2. my family (parent.siblings.cousin.etc) friends

Three things I hate;
1. gadoh! (nati mst asik moody)
2. bored
3. morose

Three things I don't understand;
1. the irony of life
3.guys (fenin!)

Three things I'm doing right now;
1. typing

Three things I want to do before I die;
1. i want to change my life style n be a good muslimah.
2. i want to beg all the forgiveness.
3.i want to get marry and have children.

Three things I can do; n drink

Three things I can't do;
1.hurt my parent. dush!xske.
2.bwk moto laju2. takowt jatoh wei:) without friends. luv u guys:)

Three ways to describe my personality;
1. pendiam lo!
2. p org y da lme knl. klo borak smpai esok xsuda2.
3. blurr person. huhu

Three people to tag;

3.friends kot.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

.alkesah d kmpk.

>physicaL science stuDent<
>harD,tension, sometimes enj0y< >c0ol tut0riaL pwens!< >en. Mi..da best lecturer< >bab dye..aku smgt nk study fizik< >can't wait 2 be in lecture haLL< >c0z...ade teeeet!..hehe< ----------------------------------------------------------------- >umi n zue..da very understanding r0omates< >liya n rai..luv b0th of u<
>iRa,iLy,......kte kmm with0ut mentor..sob3< >baby, diBa, haja..we still cn be pwens rite??< >aLL t-34 tutoriaLs..thanks a Lot 2 be ma pwens< >jamuan kte mmg yg plg best!!<

Thursday, May 21, 2009

.result 0... resuLt.

.not go0d not bad.
.xsampai target.
.sem 2 ok!.
.sem 1 y slek nyer.
.but then.
.redha jew.
.syukur2 sgt.
.at least.
.much better than sem 1.

.nyesaL sem 1 men2.
.tp nyesaL kemudian.
.x gne!.
.nasi da p0wn jd bubor.

.wish a very thanks.
.2 all my lecturer n friends.
.they help me much!.

>Hanya Tuhan yg dpt bls jasa mereka<

PSPM 2-Perak MatricuLation C0llege

Monday, May 18, 2009

im back??

lme da ta update.
lupe kowt daa

ri tuh mbe ty
brula tingat..
pas ni slula update gamakny
kasi modified cket!