Monday, August 10, 2009

-Rovermoot '09-

what thats??
im from kelab kelab kelana siswa

rovermoot 2 slh 1 aktiviti camping kelana
kitorg juz pelawat
our destination is GUNUNG SENYUM

kurg excited coz da penah kot smpai sni

but still
got a lot of experiences there
n got new friends* too

bad experience= d sound ngn sis senior
sbnrnye sbnrnye... nk je ckp
(ko ckp ape ! WHO CARES!!!)
nseb still hormat kt diorg...(*;


-arrived at jengka-
[after breakfast]

-ana n ecah-

[real punyer ni ! bkn copy kt internet]

-one's of view there-

-center of 'smile mountain'-
[where's me??]
im the one who snap da pitcha**

-wall in the cave-
[dinding gua. xkn xbleh cam??]

-bye-bye jengka-
[hye-hye utm]


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