Thursday, September 16, 2010

for me? tQ!

mahu tulis. bukan mahu taip ttg my arie rayaa tp teringat
"tag for you dear" kata cik yana.
oke. for you dear :)

1) What is your FB name?
- Hiedaa Zainuddin.

2) Would you like publicity?
- Yes when it needed.

3) What makes you smile?
-  People around me :)

4) How do you to dress yourself the most?
- Simple but nice.

5) Where did you see yourself in 5 to 10 years?
- 25 - 30 years old? wait n see haa. haha. 

6) In your life, have you got everything you've wanted?
- Nope.

7) Someone in class laugh rudely during a presentation you make.
What do you do?
- Just proceed with my presentation. 

8) What kind of hair do you have?
- Opps. Its my secret ;)

9) Your hobby is what?
- Study. Amin. Amin. Amin... heheh.

10) Your family is what?
- They are everything!

11) Your friend is what?
- Totally good friends!
12) What is your fav thing to do in your room? 
-  Sleep.

13) Do you know that love exist?
- Maybe. huhu.

14) What the first thing you look for in a boy?
- Personality.

15) Are you in love with boy/?
- No. No comment. haha.

16) How often should someone say I Love You?
-  At the right time with the right person?

17) What do you feel like when your lover smiles at you?
- haha.

18) When you get a sweet message from him. you?
- so suuweeeet. hahaha.

19) Where will you go for honeymoon?
- i x meminta. mana2 pn boleh. *nada gedik skit kt situ ea. hahah!

20) How nice are you?
- be nice everytime, everywhere. hahaha. kepoyoan terserlah ;)

OKAY DONE. I pass this tag to ;

sape2 ase nak wat. lah..
heeeee ;)