Thursday, May 28, 2009

three things~

Three things that I love;
1. my life
2. my family (parent.siblings.cousin.etc) friends

Three things I hate;
1. gadoh! (nati mst asik moody)
2. bored
3. morose

Three things I don't understand;
1. the irony of life
3.guys (fenin!)

Three things I'm doing right now;
1. typing

Three things I want to do before I die;
1. i want to change my life style n be a good muslimah.
2. i want to beg all the forgiveness.
3.i want to get marry and have children.

Three things I can do; n drink

Three things I can't do;
1.hurt my parent. dush!xske.
2.bwk moto laju2. takowt jatoh wei:) without friends. luv u guys:)

Three ways to describe my personality;
1. pendiam lo!
2. p org y da lme knl. klo borak smpai esok xsuda2.
3. blurr person. huhu

Three people to tag;

3.friends kot.

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